How Do I...

  1. Access Notary Services

    The City of Mission Hills offers notary publics at City Hall during regular business hours, which is a free service for residents.

  2. Attain a Building Permit

    Access a building permit application.

  3. Contact Animal Control

    The City of Mission Hills contracts with Prairie Village to provide animal control services for our city.

  4. Contact City Council

    Contact members of the Mission Hills City Council.

  5. Learn About the Emerald Ash Borer

    The Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) reached the Kansas City area in late July 2012, and was discovered in Mission Hills in June 2015.

  6. Pay a Traffic Ticket

  7. Read City Newsletters

    Review current and archived city newsletters.

  8. Recycle

    Locate details on what items can be recycled.

  9. Sign Up to Receive Notifications

    Sign up to receive notifications and updates from the City.

  10. View Agendas & Minutes

    Access agendas and minutes from local boards and commissions.

  11. View Maps

    Reference a variety of local maps such as zoning maps and voting precincts.