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Nov 25

Mayor's Update - Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted on November 25, 2020 at 9:19 PM by David Dickey

Fellow Residents:


“What if today, we were just grateful for everything.” – Charlie Brown


I love Thanksgiving.   I always have.  The commercialization of Christmas has tried to wash over it for years and has failed.  Halloween is now the second most commercial holiday in America, and yet Thanksgiving resists.  


No presents.  No songs.  Nothing but time with family and friends, which, in this most unique year, is harder to accomplish.


But if you step back and think about the foundation of Thanksgiving – gratefulness and thanks – you realize why it resists the commercial temptation.


In the most recent newsletter I noted that it was trite but true – this has been a year unlike any other.   So, on this Thanksgiving eve, I wanted to pass along four important messages:


1. Have a fabulous, safe, healthy Thanksgiving.  Your gathering may be smaller.  We are all adjusting our traditions.  But if you follow Charlie Brown, there is so very much to be thankful for.


2. I am so pleased to let you know that after a robust search for the past several months, the search committee (composed of the five council members, our five Board chairs, former mayors Fromm & Boeshaar and me) have selected a new City Administrator.  After a nationwide search, Jennifer Lee, our current Assistant City Administrator, will assume the lead role on January 1st.


3. The pandemic is still with us.  As I noted in the newsletter, we extended our City State of Emergency to align with the County.  Please be smart over Thanksgiving and the December holidays.  


  • Please, please, please social distance.  


  • If you are sick, stay home!  If you think your sickness might be Covid, please get tested before you step out.  


  • Please follow the county guidelines on masks.


  • I would also ask everyone to give people appropriate social distance in outdoor spaces – whether running on Tomahawk, walking on Belinder, or enjoying our playground.


  • Be mindful of your gatherings.


4. Finally, our City Tree Lighting is this Sunday, November 29th at 5:30pm.  My thanks and kudos to the Community Engagement Committee for developing a safe, County-approved plan to allow us to hold this event.  I hope to see many of you there (socially distant, of course! J).


As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to call City Hall at 913-362-9620 or email  You are always welcome to email me directly at


Thank you and happy Thanksgiving!



Jul 31

Mission Hills Mayor's Update #24 7/31/20

Posted on July 31, 2020 at 7:25 PM by David Dickey

Fellow Residents:

Can we already really be at the end of July!  Thank you for your continued feedback, flexibility and adaptability.  

Three updates for you on this final day of July:

1) As many of know, Mission Hills had a protest that began in Prairie Village and came through our City on Saturday, July 18th.  Law enforcement from Prairie Village, Leawood, Kansas City, Mission Hills and both counties monitored the situation and were prepared to intervene if necessary.

The protestors made their way from Weltner Park, to 71st and Mission, to Tomahawk, up to 69th, back to Belinder and ultimately returned to Weltner Park.  The protest came through Mission Hills mid-evening.

That same group is planning on protesting again this Saturday evening (8/1) at Weltner Park.  Their precise route is unclear, but it could again bring them to Mission Hills.  Once again, law enforcement will be ready on multiple fronts should the need arise.

Please know that resident safety and protection of property are our absolute priorities.  Peaceful protests are an important part of a democratic society.  Non-peaceful ones are most assuredly not.

Should this (or any) protest find its way to Mission Hills, please do not hesitate to call 911 should you observe any emergency situation, or you may call the non-emergency police dispatch line at 913-642-5151 should you see something concerning that does not rise to the level of an emergency.

2) I will continue to post when we have credible information regarding protests that may come through our City.  Based on resident feedback two weeks ago, we will also use NotifyJoCo going forward as well.

To sign up for NotifyJoCo, simply go to to sign up and set the alerts you wish to receive.

I would also ask that you encourage your friends and neighbors to sign up for these Mayor’s Updates (on the City’s website) as well as NotifyJoCo.  These two methods are the fastest and best we have for communicating about situations that are unpredictable and changing.

3) I am sure you all know the four simple things each of us can do to help stop the spread, but nearly five months in, we can all fall victim to complacency:
  1. If you are sick (no matter with what!), please stay home!
  2. Wash your hands frequently.
  3. Social distance.
  4. If you are in public spaces, indoors or out, and cannot maintain social distance, please wear a face covering or mask.

Please continue to enjoy our public spaces safely!  As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to call City Hall at 913-362-9620 or email  You are always welcome to email me directly at 

Thank you and have a great and safe weekend!
Jul 16

Mission Hills Mayor's Update #23 7/16/20

Posted on July 16, 2020 at 9:45 PM by David Dickey

Fellow Residents:

We are in the “heat” of the summer and this weekend looks to be a hot one!  The pandemic continues to be with us and guidance changes almost daily.  Thank you for your continued feedback – please keep it coming!

Four updates for you tonight:

1) The Council met Monday and discussed the 2021 budget, public safety and several other agenda items.  I am pleased to affirm that our financial situation remains solid.  Mission Hills will see revenue impacts from the pandemic, but we have a good plan to maintain a flat mil levy and strong City services for 2021. 

2) Given the current state of the pandemic, we plan to continue virtual meetings of the Council and our Boards for the foreseeable future.  Please feel free to join any of our virtual meetings.  You can find the virtual/call information on the City’s website.

3) The Governor announced yesterday that she will sign an Executive Order delaying the opening of Kansas public schools until September 9th, and implement several other measures for re-opening, including the wearing of masks.  If you have children in school, please make sure you are on your school’s email list – as we all know, change happens frequently.

4) In the Council meeting, Chief Schwartzkopf and Chief Lopez reviewed the public safety reports.  Our overall crime and fire metrics continue to be good, but please keep your cars locked!

Also on the public safety front, there will likely be a multi-city, lawful protest on Saturday, July 18th.  This protest may come to Mission Hills.

All of the relevant local law enforcement agencies are aware of this protest and ready to ensure that the constitutional rights of the protestors, as well as those of residents, are upheld.

Should you have any concerns, please never hesitate to call the police non-emergency number at 913-642-5151, or of course call 911 if there is an emergency.

Please stay safe in the heat.  As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to call City Hall at 913-362-9620 or email  You are always welcome to email me directly at 

Thank you.