Building Permit Durations/Extensions

Building Permit Duration

Building permit expiration dates shall be determined based upon the scope and nature of the project for which the permit is sought, as follows:

Type of PermitPermit DurationExtension Time Limit
Roof30 daysNA for permits less than 30 days
Driveway60 days30 days
Pool9 months4 or 5 months
Interior Remodel9 months4 or 5 months
Substantial Remodel (50% or 3,000 sq ft or more)12 months6 months
Addition12 months6 months
Substantial Addition (3,000 sq ft or more)18 months6 months
New Structure18 months6 months
New Structure (6,500 sq ft or more)24 months6 months

If the project is not listed in the chart above, the City Administrator will determine the expiration date for the permit. Once the permit expires, it shall become null and void and be of no further force and effect unless an extension is acquired.

Permit Extensions

An extension may be requested for up to one-half the time of the original permit, but in no case more than six (6) months. Permittee must pay a penalty in the amount of 25% of the original permit fee for each month of the requested extension. Additional work time beyond the extension requires a secondary permit and City Council approval.