Finance & Budget

The City's fiscal year runs from January 1st through December 31st.  The City adopts its budget by October 1 of the year prior to the budgeted year.  The City is audited each year by an accounting firm.

Bond Rating
Moody's:  AAA (Note:  This is the highest bond rating that Moody's offers.)

City Property Tax Mill Levy Rate - 2022
Revenue from the ad valorem property tax funds a significant portion of City operations.  The ad valorem property tax mill levy rate is set during the annual budget process by the City Council.

City Property Tax Mill Levy Rate

Rate Type  Mill Levy Rate
General Fund 21.959
Debt Service Fund 0.806
Total 22.763

City Sales Tax Rate

Rate Type Rate
State of Kansas 6.500%
Johnson County 1.475%
City of Mission Hills 1.250%
Total 9.225%
Value of Kansas Cities
Value of Kansas Cities 2