Contain the Rain

Rain-Garden Image

The City of Mission Hills is a participating city in Johnson County's Contain the Rain program.  This program was created to encourage individual homeowners and businesses to incorporate sustainable landscape solutions on their property to aid in the improvement of local and regional water quality. At the same time, the cities encourage planting native plants and trees to support the natural ecosystem and provide food for pollinators like bees and butterflies. The reimbursement program will pay applicants up to 50% of eligible expenses, not to exceed a project reimbursement cap for the proper installation of the following:

1. Planting pollinators/native gardens

2. Installing rain barrels

3. Planting native trees

4. Installing rain gardens

CLICK HERE to view 2023 Contain the Rain Cost Share Description and Requirements document.

CLICK HERE to apply with a Stormwater Environmental Grant application.