Animal Control


The City of Mission Hills contracts with Prairie Village to provide animal control services for our city. You can contact an animal control officer at 913-642-6868.

Barking Dogs / Loose Dogs

Call the Police Communications Center at 913-642-6868 or 913-642-5151. The Dispatcher knows if a Community Service Officer is on duty and if he or she is available. If a Community Service Officer is not available, the Dispatcher will send a Police Officer to investigate your complaint.

Roaming Cats

Mission Hills City Ordinance Section 8-106F states that if the City receives two complaints regarding a cat entering another person’s yard, the cat owner may be fined. The Prairie Village Police Department responds to calls involving sick, injured or destructive cats but does not respond to calls related to stray or feral cats.

Leash Law in Mission Hills

It is against City code to permit any dog to run at large within Mission Hills. A dog is considered to be running at large when:

  • The dog is found on public property or property other than its owner’s unless the dog is leashed and under the effective control of a person;
  • The dog is found on its owner’s property without being in the physical presence of an owner, under the demonstrated immediate voice control of its owner, or without being confined to the property by a fence, wall, or electronic fence.
History has proven that even the most obedient animals sometimes act unpredictably and run towards children, wildlife or vehicles. The best way to avoid injury to another or to your pet is to ensure they are under your control on a leash.

Lost Animals

Call the Police Communications Center at 913-642-6868 or 913-642-5151. A Dispatcher will take general information on your animal and will check to see if someone has already located your missing pet.

When a Community Service Officer finds an animal, an attempt is made to return the animal to its owner.