Park Use Application

City Code specifies that those individuals or companies which intend to engage in hosting an event in a public park, and exceed any of a set of conditions must obtain a permit from the City before the date of the event. 

Current park use fees are $500 for residents and $2,500 for non-residents.

In order to obtain a Park Use permit, please create an account through our online permitting system. The permit application is accessed by visiting and clicking on Permits and Licenses button.  Applications must be filed at least forty-five (45) business days prior to the proposed date for the event.


A. No event, which is defined as a gathering of a group of ten (10) or more persons, may be held in or upon any park or public area within the City of Mission Hills, Kansas, unless:

1. a permit for an event in a public park has been issued;

2. the event has been approved by the City Council.

B. No event shall be held without the provision of a certificate of insurance unless waived by the City Administrator or designee.

C. No amplified music can be broadcast during the event.

D. No alcoholic liquor can be consumed on or around the public park premises during the event. Alcoholic liquor, as defined by the Code, includes the four (4) varieties of liquor: alcohol, beer, spirits and wine.

E. All temporary structures will be approved at the discretion of the City Council

F. No electrical or water services will be provided by the City for the event.

G. No confetti, rice, or any other substance may be thrown on the ground.

H. Nothing can be placed in the fountains (including, but not limited to items such as dye, floating candles, bubbles, flower petals, etc.).

I. Nothing can be placed on or affixed to the columns themselves. Climbing on or leaning on the columns is not allowed.

The property adjacent to the Verona Columns Park is privately owned — no trespassing will be enforced.  The property immediately behind (to the south of) the columns and the hedge is private property.