Building Permits & Codes


The City’s Zoning Regulations require that a building permit be issued for most renovation and construction projects. The Architectural Review Board (ARB) must approve any exterior alterations to your home or property before a permit can be issued. The ARB, by resolution, has granted the City Planner the authority to approve selected building permit applications. The Professional Review Panel reviews Substantial Construction projects (except pools and sport courts) and makes a recommendation to the ARB on whether the project should be approved, approved with stipulations, or denied.

Building permits applications for interior projects are reviewed for code compliance by the City’s Codes Inspector and then reviewed for approval by the City Planner. Building permit applications for exterior changes require Architectural Review Board (ARB) approval prior to Codes and Planner review. After a permit is issued, the permit holder is responsible for scheduling and successfully completing all codes inspections. Call 913-362-9620 at least 24 hours in advance to schedule all codes inspections.

Before any new building permits can be issued to a property, all expired or outstanding permits must have passed a final inspection. At the time of a new building application, the property owner may be provided a list of expired or outstanding permits. The City Inspector can inspect all the outstanding projects in one visit. A $75 inspection fee may be required if all prepaid inspections have been used.