Building Permits


To obtain a building permit, complete a building permit application. Upon submission of a building permit application, City staff may request supporting documents dependent on the project type that might include photographs, construction drawings, or surveys. Construction drawing and/or site plan review may take up to one week or up to two weeks for substantial construction projects. Exterior changes will require Architectural Review Board approval. If you have questions about if proposed project requires a permit permit and/or Architectural Review Board approval, contact City Hall at 913-362-9620 to discuss your proposed project with City staff or email 

If the project consists of interior work only, the Codes Inspector will review your plans for building code and zoning regulations and approve your project. All applicable fees must be paid.


Before a building permit can be issued, all expired permits for your address must have passed a final inspection. At the time you submit a building application, you may be given a list of the permits that have expired without receiving a final inspection. The City Inspector will inspect all the outstanding projects in one visit. A $75 inspection fee may be required.

Architectural Review Board Process

  1. Complete a building permit application.
  2. Submit required materials for the proposed project: construction drawings, elevations, photographs, boundary pin survey, etc. See the ARB Checklist for more information.
  3. Once all of the necessary information has been received, applicants will be assigned a meeting date. See the ARB Schedule in the Document Center for upcoming meeting dates.
  4. The City will notify an applicant’s immediate neighbors of the proposed project via letter. Residents are allowed to view plans prior to the meeting.
  5. On the day of the ARB meeting, the applicant or their representative must present the project before the Board. Anyone else determined to have an appropriate interest in the matter at the meeting is allowed to submit comments.
  6. If the ARB approves the project and no variance is needed, the applicant must submit accurate construction documents before a building permit can be issued. Plan review may take at least one week or up to three weeks for substantial construction projects. Only after documents have been reviewed and fees paid can a permit be issued and construction commenced.
  7. If a variance is needed (for example, because the project encroaches upon property setbacks), the applicant must be granted one from the Board of Zoning Appeals at a later meeting before obtaining a permit. The applicant must submit the variance request form and the $50 legal publication to City Hall to be scheduled for the next available meeting.

Construction Hours

Heavy construction noise is allowed from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday only. Working outside of these hours or on holidays is against City code and can result in a citation.

Contractor Licensing

As of January 1, 2005 Mission Hills requires all contractors to possess an occupational license. The cost for an occupational license is $60 annually. To obtain a license, complete the application, submit a certificate of liability insurance with the City listed as a holder, and the required fee. The City Council does not regulate or determine whether those undertaking the construction, alteration, repair, or demolition of structures are qualified to perform such services. 

As of February 1, 2015 Mission Hills participates in the Johnson county Contractor Licensing program, which requires all contractors to be licensed with Johnson County in order to obtain a permit. This program is designed to protect consumers as well as promote construction best practices, standards, and guidelines. Please visit Johnson County's website for more information and to apply for a license.

Permit Fees

Permit fees are based on the square footage of the project or the value of the construction project. Inspections are $75 each. See the Fee Schedule for a list of fees for building permit projects.

Floodplain Development Permit

Floodplain Development Permit is required in order to receive a building permit in the floodway.

What is a Boundary Pin Survey?

A boundary pin survey will physically locate the boundaries of your property in the ground. The surveyor must carefully measure the proper distances in the field and confirm where the corners of your property should be and verify that a pin is already there or set a pin in the ground. This is the only proper way of locating your land. Anything less is only guess work and can perpetuate errors property owners have made over the years.

NOTE: The City has some boundary pin surveys on file from previous building projects, which if available, can be provided to the property owner.

What is a Mortgage Survey?

A mortgage survey is not a legal survey. It is a relatively inexpensive method for title companies and lending institutions to show if there are any encroachments onto your property at the time of the mortgage closing. No one should attempt to add improvements to their property using this drawing.